When You Need Flowers Small necklace

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When You Need Flowers

Society has decided when and for what occasions we spread the beauty of flowers. We also have it decided that we see all flowers in color. What if flowers weren't in color but shapes?

I made these tiny earrings on a bad day. A day when I might have thrown it all in and gotten a waitress job. Some days a single bloom does the trick, and on that day... that single bloom did the trick. Simple but meaningful. I needed them and I am hoping that you will decide on when you will give yourself the joy of flowers, a single or a full on bouquet. They are ready for you. Thanks to Francesca Watson for her inspiration in this design.

As always, all materials are ethically sourced and all silver is recycled and we use recycled packing as well.

Shopping note: pairs well with the small earrings of the same title


100% Sterling Silver - darkened for character & tumbled in @Rosy Revolver's Hone & Highlight tumbling media
18" tiny sterling silver ball chain with a hand forged clasp


Overall length (finished length): 21"
Drop: 1/4" x 1/4"