Our Story

I was born in Colorado, grown on a dairy farm in New York, transplanted in Texas where I spent the better part of adulthood, and then pulled myself up by my bootstraps only to take root again in the oak-forested hills of Northern California.

Maggie's Meltdown is the metal work business I started after retiring from my full time job in pursuit of the mythical freedom of self-employment.

I’m interested in irony and incongruity. The confluence of the organic and the industrial fascinates me. I like to work in mixed metals, mostly copper and silver. I love the hint of commotion that stones and beads bring to the mix. I make jewelry because I want everyone to walk around adorned in art.

I do not have classical training—just fortunate enough to have sprung free into a veritable nest of amazingly talented artists willing to be mentors. So my work is a collage of materials and influences and soul, striving to be a living unity that takes over the world. (Just making sure you’re still reading.)
All along, I’ve had help here and there from my partner, Doc G. She’s the one that set up my studio and built my benches—in two states. When I’d come back from a workshop or a class, she’d want to know what I learned. After a while, she was pilfering scraps from my bench and creating things on her own—just to make me mad. I’m pretty sure she was hiding my tools as well.
She’s interested in nature, and making things that are representational. Together, we are some strange hybrid of abstract-industrial and natural-realistic. We are the freakish offspring of city cat and country dog. We are the explosion you get when you mix passion and logic.
That’s Maggie’s Meltdown. Thanks for stopping by!

Chris (aka, Maggie)