My Story

I was born in Colorado, grew up on a dairy farm in New York, moved to Texas where I spent the better part of adulthood, and then moved again (maybe kicking and screaming a little bit) to the oak-forested hills of Northern California.

Maggie's Meltdown is the metal work business I started after retiring from my full time job in pursuit of the mythical freedom of self-employment.

I’m interested in irony and incongruity, the confluence of the organic and the industrial. I like to work in mixed metals, mostly copper and silver. I love the hint of commotion that stones and beads bring to the mix. I make jewelry because I love wearing it and I want everyone to walk around adorned in art.

I do not have classical training—just fortunate enough to have landed here and there, however briefly, in the nurturing nests of amazingly talented artists willing to be mentors. So my work is a collage of materials and influences and soul.
That’s Maggie’s Meltdown. Thanks for stopping by!

Chris (aka, Maggie)