Tiny Valise Earrings with Hearts

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Tiny Valise Earrings - Hearts

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As a kid I watched endless hours of TV--mostly cartoons and live action dramas. Remember how there was always some youngster running away from home, only to return with a fresh appreciation for the wisdom of Patriarchy and doing ones chores as told? Huckleberry Hound, Pooh, even the Beaver, all tried to hit the road to a better life, somehow managing to wrap all their most necessary possessions into a bandana and tying it onto the end of a stick. This is not that easy to do--you may need a box of crayons, your favorite rock, maybe a dog biscuit or small honey pot, maybe a jack knife and a cookie, definitely a doll, a sandwich, some candy, and an extra pair or shoes.

So seductive was the hobo-stick and the life of freedom that it afforded, that whenever I got mad enough at my parents, I started to lay out the essentials on my bed and ready my escape. I would at last find my REAL family, the people who did not eat Brussels sprouts and never picked up their rooms. The people that stayed up late on school nights and could always have a piece of cake before, during, and after dinner.

The one problem is that I didn't have a bandana. Or a stick. And it was too hard to decide which shoes would be left behind. So I grabbed instead my fancy pasteboard valise. When I decided I would be FOR SURE going, permanently severing all ties with my oppressors, I could take all my precious belongings with me: my doll, Susie, my BIG box of crayons, the shiny Sunday shoes AND the Keds, pajamas, hairbrush, and of course, my library copy of “The Borrowers” that was already overdue by a year.

These earrings are an homage to that valise. Fortunately, they are lighter so you can really go places.

Sterling Silver
Hand forged Silver ear wires

Drop - 7/16" square
Overall length - 1 1/4" from top of wire to bottom of drop

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