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Fuck you, Gregg Abbott Sterling Cuff


30% or more of every sale will be donated to fight to retain the rights acknowledged by the US Supreme Court in 1973

On January 22, 1973 the United States Supreme Court ruled:

"The majority determined that a woman’s right to decide whether to have an abortion involved the question of whether the Constitution protected a right to privacy. The justices answered this question by asserting that the 14th Amendment, which prohibits states from “depriv[ing] any person of … liberty … without due process of law,” protected a fundamental right to privacy. Further, after considerable discussion of the law’s historical lack of recognition of rights of a fetus, the justices concluded “the word ‘person,’ as used in the 14th Amendment, does not include the unborn.” The right of a woman to choose to have an abortion fell within this fundamental right to privacy, and was protected by the Constitution." (https://www.landmarkcases.org/roe-v-wade/roe-v-wade-summary-of-the-decision)

Each of these sterling silver handmade cuffs is a reminder of this event, and its affirmation of the fundamental right of every American to control HER body and life.

Wear them in sets and help fuel two very important entities working to protect your rights today. They are Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Sizing: To find your size, wrap a string, tape measure or piece of paper around your wrist, with no overlap. The length in inches - 1" equals the length or size cuff you need. Example: 7"-1"= 6" (Standard size)

Small: 5 1/4"  Standard: 6"  Large: 7"

If the item of your choice is currently sold out, these are also available upon request.

Made To Order Stuff:

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