Outer Zones Sterling Silver earrings

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Circles, they are everywhere and these days as we are physically distancing from each other, we need a talisman - a reminder, that we are not alone.

Each of these pieces are made with the purpose and intention of relaying that thought. Like each of us though, the outcome is not always predictable, so they do not match.

These also match up well with the Inner Zone necklace just in case you need to pair something up..

Asymmetrical by design and fairly uncomplicated in the world.

100% Handmade
100% Sterling Silver - heavily oxidized
Hand forged sterling ear wires
The occasional Copper rivet embellishment



Dangle: 1/4" round
Overall length: 1" drop from top of wire to bottom of dangle
Dangle: 1/2" round
Overall length: 1 1/8" from top of wire to bottom of dangle