A Damn Strong Thread - Garnet Pillows

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A Damn Strong Thread

Hanging on by a STRONG thread
When my friends in Texas and Louisiana were forced to deal with days of snow and sleet, and then power outages and tainted or NO water, and then grocery stores with empty shelves, I imagined them to be hanging on by a thread.
But they were okay.
Mad and cold and hungry for hot food and jonesing for a shower; but okay. They had each other. Some had places to go where the power stayed on, where there was hot water, where there were provisions. Others just hunkered down with their peeps and made the best of it—scrabble by candlelight, in a tent in the living room, for example. They all had me, tethered to their plight from a thousand miles away, even if all I could do was check in and worry.

It made me realize that we might sometimes find ourselves hanging on by a thread, but that thread can be pretty damn STRONG.
We have to remember: our DNA is a very strong thread that binds us together. We understand what we all need, especially when we’re sharing the same weather and feeling the same cold. But always, even when we’re miles apart in every way. We have each other. We need each other. No one falls into the abyss if we remember this, and reach out.
Yeah, that’s what these earrings are about. 


100% Recycled Sterling Silver - dipped & tumbled for character
Hand forged sterling silver ear wires
2 mismatched Garnet rose cut cabs (approx. 9mm x 9mm)


Overall length: 2 1/8"
Drop only: 1 6/8"