A Purple World

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A Purple World

"Purple tends to occur rarely in nature, so it is viewed as rare and intriguing. While violet occurs naturally in the visible spectrum, purple is actually a combination of blue and red."

I dream, I desire, I want to be in this world.This piece is my offering to that desire.

I thank the following artists for their inspiration in this design, Richard Salley, Francesca Watson and Renee Ford.

100% Sterling silver, dipped in a darkening patina & reticulated
Copper embellishment
1 16" 3 cable Sterling silver neck cable
1 8mm London Blue briolette -
1 Sugalite cab


A short necklace, designed to fit in or just below the hollow of the neck. A statement piece intended to be seen and commented on. The rich London Blue Topaz brio is  wired on to the bottom of the pendant, purposely in a messy way. The focal point, this delicate but very deep & colorful Sugalite cab is partially supported by a hand fitted silver bezel and held in place at the top of the cab with five sterling silver prongs.

Finished length: 10" from the clasp to the tip of the topaz dangle.

Pendant: 2 3/4"L x 1"W at the widest point

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