Botanical Sterling Silver Hair Sticks

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What is wrong with me?

I have by all accounts, nice hair. Short and moderately wavy (at the mercy of the weather, Oh woe is me..) All my life I have prayed for and been envious of my friends who had/have thick wavy/unruly locks, many with pencils and chop sticks tucked in to wrangle that wild, crazy, romantic looking hair.

In my fevered desire for THAT hair, I have created with beautifully cast elements from my friends over @silversmithnursery, useful and very pretty hair sticks to augment those moments when a pencil or chop stick is not exactly the look you are going for.

Maybe you or you have an acquaintance who has THAT hair and for whom this is the perfect hair adornment...

100% Handmade
Peperomia - 6.5" long
Italian Basil - 5.75" long

100% Sterling Silver


Photo Credit: Deborah Raffetto modelling the sticks she has purchased for her perfect hair