Abstract Reticulated Sterling Silver Cuff Links - Round

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Cuff Links....

I know, here in the "Quarantine Age", who needs a french cuff shirt or cuff links?

Sometimes there is just an occasion when you need/want/maybe could make an effort to look like we did when we got fancy. Put on patient leather shoes and patterned tights and a french cuffed shirt or a pair of gentleman's styled trousers and fancy cotton, cuffed shirt.

Or maybe you are collector of things from a bygone age.....

Regardless of why or when you might use them, I had a great time making these cuff links and I hope you will take some pride & enjoyment using them from time to time. Even if you wear them with an Big old soft shirt and boxers around the house!


100% Sterling silver, dipped in a darkening patina


Decorative side size: 1/2" round

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