Seed Stacker Cuffs

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Seed Cuff stackers

Seed - noun - a flowering plant's unit of reproduction, capable of developing into another such plant or thing.

I love these new “seeded” stackers. I loved them so much that I took off my own cuffs and added these little silver seeds to them. Like flower seeds, these remind me that the impetus of a thought can turn into an action which becomes something tangible, REAL. Yours can also be a tiny reminder of something you have done.

Totally intended to be added to as your achievements multiply.

Ordering Note: These cuffs come in two finises, Shiny or Silky Matte. Please let us know what you prefer in the NOTES section of the order. 

100% Sterling Silver heavy enough to know you have it on but not clunky
3 sizes  - Sm/Med, Med, Large
# of seeds per stacker - up to 3 - your choice, just let ME know in your order
Placement of seeds - off to the side

NOTE: The price listed is for one cuff, not multiples as shown in the photo.