Pearly Girls.......Reticulated Sterling and Pearl Earrings

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 Take your pearly girl for a little walk on the wild side.

Beautiful fresh water pearls dangle from a small rectangular piece of reticulated (heat induced texture) silver with tiny copper rivet embellishments. Not your grandma's pearls by a long shot....

Due to the nature of the reticulation process, every single pair of these earrings look a little different. Please keep that in mind that your pair may not look exactly like the one shown but will still be the same length & have the same elements but may be more or less "organic" or "organized" looking. If you prefer one or the other, please include that as a note in your order. 

("organic" = more melty metal/ shape  vs "organized" = held it's rectangular shape pretty well)


Reticulated sterling silver - darkened to enhance the cool texture
Hand forged sterling silver ear wires
Pencil eraser sized freshwater pearls - white and light grey
20g Copper rivets


Overall length of earring: 1 3/4"
Drop details: 3/8" wide

Made To Order Stuff:

NOTE: This is a Made To Order Item. You will not receive the item shown but one like it. There will be minor differences. Once you place your order, you will receive a note confirming that we have received your order. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for shipment unless another arrangement has been agreed upon.