Gemmy Posts - Small Ovals

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Gemmy Posts

Inspired by Fall colors and holiday ornaments, this is a small collection of something I rarely do. Post earrings. I hope you will find (as I did) joy in these colors from our environments, inside and outside, during this pandemic holiday time. (& they work nicely with your mask)

As always, all materials are ethically sourced and all silver is recycled and we use recycled packing, too!

Note on color of the Mint Chalcedony earrings: I had a very difficult time achieving a true color in the photos of this pair of earrings. The photo with the most accurate color is the one where the single earring is laying on a black leather background. It is a really gentle color that neither natural nor daylight balanced light was portrayed well in photos. 


100% Sterling Silver - darkened for character & tumbled in @Rosy Revolver's Hone & Highlight tumbling media
6mm x 4mm  Natural Cabochons


Roughly  diameter 1/4"
Top positioned sterling silver post