Flowers in the Forest Big Cuff

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Flowers in the Forest Big Cuff - Stitchtite in Serpentine   SMALL

It was love at first sight. Swooning and all that phrase conjures.

The colors bring me SO much JOY. They reminded me of flowers I have seen on foothills hiking trails here in the Sierra of Northern California. Maybe they bring something else to your mind.  If you love flowers or hiking mountain trails or purple & lime green or just make you smile, this cuff is for you. It is very sturdily built and should withstand regular wear. (I would not test it by throwing it off a cliff on to a granite slab tho..just sayin')

BTW, I realized at some point that these are also the colors of my house & studio. it's true we can't always see what is right in front of us!


100% Recycled Sterling silver, hand forged and patina dipped for character. 
1 Good sized Stitchtite in Serpentine triangle flat cab, ethically sourced . 
1 4mm Blue Topaz CZ.  1 4mm Amethyst CZ. 


Weight: nearly 1 oz overall. 
Stone: 1 1/4" T x 1" at widest. 
Size:  6" around/ 2 1/4" across/1 3/8" at tallest point.