Wild in the Woods Mushroom Rhyolite Statement Cuff

  • $348.00

Wild in the Woods Mushroom Rhyolite Statement Cuff - One of a Kind

This stone sat, rather quietly, in the to-do box for a few years until I heard it calling one day—PLEASE look at me. Then it was on the bench for a few months, catching my eye every chance it had. Now, finally, it is time for its debut.

Beautiful browns and pinks blend and pop and radiate a stunning light. Out of its box, off of its bench, it says, "Here-I-Come-Get-Ready." The double wrist of this cuff gives this magnificent stone the support it deserves.

This cuff will make a statement no matter where you wear it - the market or a Climate Conference. Signed and dated on the back for collectors (or soon-to-be collectors).

100% Sterling Silver

Big Ass Mushroom Rhyolite cab (.183 oz)

Weight: 1.4oz overall
Large size: 7" around/ 2 6/8" across/ 1 3/4" tall
Stone: 1 6/8" squared off

Shipping Note:  This item will be shipped via the USPS and will be insured. Please email me with your address for that complete price BEFORE you purchase it. That way you don't get get a second invoice for the insurance cost.