Sterling Silver Hatched Stacking Cuffs

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Sterling Silver Hatched Stacking Cuffs

Simple handmade sterling silver cuffs. I wear mine stacked together and tight to my wrists—like a kind of wrist shield you might need if you’re Xena Warrior Princess and some bearded forest giant is coming at you with a sword. Up goes the arm, the blade glances the bracelets and you, unharmed, smack him in the face with your other elbow. A very satisfying conclusion, and made possible by this stylish stack of bracelets.

No matter how you choose to wear them, if you’re like me, you will not go anywhere without them. A moving art installation, as it were, complete with my signature copper rivets. And who knows—they might save your life.

NOTE: The price listed is for one cuff, not multiples as shown in the photo.


100% Sterling Silver
100% Copper handmade rivets


X Small: 5 1/2" around/ 1 7/8" inside/ 1 6/8" tall * in stock
Small: 6 1/2" around/ 2" inside/ 1 1/2" tall * in stock
Medium: 7" around/ 2 1/8" inside/ 1 7/8" tall * in stock
Large: 7 1/2" across/  2 3/8" inside/ 2: tall  ** Made to Order


**Made to Order - generally three weeks from the date of the order to shipping. Occasionally sooner but no promises.