Gemmy Bean Stacker Rings

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Gemmy Beans - Stacker rings

Inspired by colors, this is a small collection of something I haven't done before, colorful natural stone embellished stacker rings. I hope you will find (as I did) joy in these colors from our environments, inside and outside, in the hopes of a beautiful spring. 

As always, all materials are ethically sourced and all silver is recycled and we use recycled packing, too.


100% Sterling Silver - darkened for character & tumbled in @Rosy Revolver's Hone & Highlight tumbling media
100% Sterling Silver, decorated square band - also dipped & tumbled
6mm round Natural Cabochons & Rose Cut stones

Details: Please note - these colors are NOT enhanced

Teal Kynanite rosecut - 7 1/2
Garnet smooth top cabochon - 7 3/4
Amethyst smooth top cabochon - 6 1/2