The How Blue is Blue Enough? Tanzanite & Sterling Earrings

  • $105.00


Blue eyes, Blue skies, Blue oceans. This is not that blue...This is a deep kind of periwinkle blue that just pulls at the soul. This blue is the blues brought to life. It will tug at you and then relax you and then, because the set is asymmetrical, bring you to a place where you can be both your perfect self and perhaps just a little daring. 

If you feel like I do, then you will absolutely need these.


100% Sterling Silver - dipped in a darkening patina for fun
Two unmatched in shape and size, deep Periwinkle Tanzanite cabs
Hand forged ear wires



Overall length: 1 1/2" approximately - from the top of the wire to bottom of the drop
Drop: 1" L x 1/2" W