Asymmetrical Sterling Amethyst Earrings - Long

  • $72.00


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Two factoids make these earrings make sense. One, our ears do not match--one is probably a little higher or smaller than the other; and two, there's a whole face full of stuff between the ears--a veritable planet-scape as people try to "take in" the dazzling adornments hanging from your ears!

So these colorful earrings are intentionally asymmetrical, for the person that embraces nonconformity and wears it well.

2 GORGEOUS Amethyst briolettes (unmatched)
Sterling silver - detailed and dipped in darkening patina
Sterling silver hand forged ear wires

Overall length: side 1 - 2 3/4" side 2 - 2 1/8"
Dangle specs: 3/8" wide

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