Two Peas in a Pod SS 18" necklace

  • $56.00

Two Peas in a Pod

You will know when you have found your Pea.
It is not always a bolt of lightning, sometimes it is a boring repetitive gesture that hits you one day and you know. 
"Keep This One."

This is a short necklace at a mere 18" overall length, it is very casual and will go well with whatever you find to thrown on at any given time. Let me also say that I have one of these and I wear it when I work out, with no falling off or chain or clasp malfunctions which is something of a pedigree.

100% Sterling silver, dipped lightly in a darkening patina
Hand forged Sterling silver clasp


Finished length: 18" (from top of clasp to bottom of drop 9.5" per side)
Pendant: 1/2" x 1/2" half circle