Flower Balloons Necklace

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Flower Balloon

I have found recently that I really like flowers and wish that I was a better gardener. It's a little of a trade-off these days....but I am happy when I can make time to enjoy the hydrangeas a friend brought & I planted, the grocery store rose I rescued from a dirt pile and all of those zinnias I planted in the spring. Next year tho.....peony's, snap dragons, cosmos, sweet peas, NASTURTIUMS!  and if I'm lucky a dahlia. Thanks to Renee Ford for her inspiration on the bail in this design.

'Til then, I will make myself happy with my own interpretation of a bunch of flowers made in silver.  (very nicely complimented by the earrings of the same name...)


100% Sterling silver - layers, riveted, dipped in darkening patina
Tiny Copper rivets
100% Sterling silver chain - 18"
Hand forged sterling clasp



Finished length: 10" top pf clasp to bottom of pendant
Pendant: 1"L x 1/2"W